Why Choose Shootz?

Our goal is simple – provide you with a worry free experience as your only concern should be to have fun, enjoy your event, and capture your smiles!!

Here’s how we do it:

1.  Fair pricing – No hidden fees and fair rates!  We list our prices on our site and are confident with the value and service.

2.  Cater to your needs – Not all events are the same!  We can design specific packages unique to your event.

3.  Tech savvy – Our booths have the latest innovations and we are constantly looking for the next big thing!

4.  Genuine customer service – With our background in hospitality and event planning, we understand the importance of valuing and caring for each client.  It’s ingrained in us to provide the best customer service at the minimum and strive on exceeding expectations.

In the end, we know you have many choices to your photo booth needs, but truly believe that in delivering the above we will make your event much more fun with the pictures to prove it!