My current photographer or DJ is also offering a photo booth.  Why should I rent a photo booth from Shootz Photo Booth instead?

Though many DJs and photographers are jumping in as well and offering this service, we always encourage those interested in a photo booth to utilize a vendor that specializes in just that.  Though it may seem “easier,” quality of service and product will vary from vendor to vendor and you want someone who is dedicating their full attention to this memorable service as well – just as the DJ and photographer should be.  Shootz Photo Booth will ensure that their focus is on the photo booth only and the great quality pictures that result from it.

How early should I book?

You can book as early as you like!  We reserve dates/times one year out and up to one month before an event!  We understand that sometimes events or plans change and a photo booth is last minute OR the first vendor you want to secure and we are ready when you are!  Events that are within one month time are subject to availability and require full payment at time of booking.

What cities are you available in?

We are available in the Bay Area in California and offer packages that include a 25-50 mile radius of Alameda.  We are happy to travel further than the 50 miles, with a $1.00 charge per mile roundtrip over the 25-50 miles (depending on package purchased).

Is there a limit to the number of pictures taken or photos printed?

All packages come with an unlimited amount of photo sessions and pictures printed (2 x 6 or 4 x 6).  Smile and have fun until your cheeks hurt!

Does your package come with both black & white and color?

Yes.  All packages offer a choice of Black & White OR Color for your event.

Do you provide props?

Yes.  We do offer standard props (i.e. mustaches, hats, boas, frames, etc.) in each package that are sanitized after each event.  However, we also offer premium or customized props (i.e. names or phrases in wooden word bubbles, color coordinated to your event, etc.) as an add on if you would like something more personalized for your event.  Premium or customized props are also yours to keep if you like!  Prices vary on premium props chosen and require a 4-6 week time for production.

Do you provide backdrops?

Standard backdrops are included in each package.  Premium, green screen or customized backdrops are also available as an upgrade.  Please view our Backdrop page under the Photo Booth tab to view the backdrop options.

How can guests view and share the photos?  Do you offer social media integration?

With our standard packages, guests can view and share photos through our Facebook page after the event.  If you prefer to have your guests share the fun in real time, we offer an upgrade with our social media station which includes an iPad station for guests to share the photos directly to their Facebook, Twitter, or Email at your event.

Can guests view live time photos or slide show during the event?

Shootz Photo Booth offers an upgrade (or included in the 6 hour package) that will create a slide show on a 32″ flat screen monitor for your guests to view throughout the night!

Can you work with our budget?  Non profit?

Yes.  Though we offer set packages and a la carte items, we know that some events are larger, smaller, or just need different … needs!  Shootz is happy to work with our clients and determine what works for them.  Contact us if you don’t see something that you would like and we can discuss further options.

We LOVE non profits!  Being able to give back and thank you for all the hard work that you do for your cause would be awesome!  Contact us for Non Profit rates.

Can the photos be branded with my company logo or event details?

Yes!  All packages include custom photo strip design and can include your logo and event details on each photo strip.  For more branding opportunities, please contact us for more details.

Do you work outdoor events?

We are happy with both indoor and outdoor events.  For outdoor events, there are a few more logistics that the booth must have, but we are always willing to work it out!  Let us know if you have an outdoor event and we can work together on the details.

How long can Shootz Photo Booth stay at our event?

We are there for you!  Sometimes some clients opt for longer time and we are willing to stay … especially when the photo booth is hoppin’ and people want to get more creative with each picture taken!  Shootz is available for extra hours or even multiple day events.  Please contact us for longer event times.

How much space is needed for the booth?

Depending on the choice of Open Air or Enclosed photo booth you choose, the sizing will vary.  Our enclosed photo booth will require a 5′ x 7’x 8′ (LxWxH) space for the enclosure along with an 8′ foot table next to it for the props and attendants.  Our open air photo booth can vary in background width from 6′ to 10′ wide (requires 8′ to 11′ feet of total width) depending on preference and venue size, 5′ – 10′ in front (dependent on backdrop width) will allow us to place our photo booth enclosure and 8′ table for the props and attendants.

How long does it take to set up and break down?

Set up takes about 1 1/2 hours and breakdown takes about 45 minutes.  This is included in the cost and we will arrive onsite early to make sure we have more than enough time to be ready for your guests!

What type of power supply do you  require?

We will require 2 standard 110 watt outlets – preferably a different circuit from your DJ or other heavy usage equipment.